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Latest Reviews

  1. fabian flores zuñiga
    fabian flores zuñiga
    Version: 1.0.2
    does not work in BARREN
  2. Gee Farce
    Gee Farce
    Version: 1.0.4
    Pretty cool plugin a little expensive but all good im sure my players will enjoy it! thanks!
  3. DirtyPixels
    Version: 0.1.7
    This plugin is excellent! Everyone needs this plugin in their lives. Quality support from the dev.
  4. ImproperPotato
    Version: 1.0.2
    Bought this plugin yesterday, very cool! any way I can still use an event timer plugin with this for regular cargo ship too? When using a even timer it no longer spawns the Rusttanic :/
    1. redBDGR
      Author's Response
      This would probably have to be something that your event timer plugin would have to add an exception for
  5. Pascal
    Version: v1.7.3
    Fast updates, No problems Just good
  6. The Slice Factor
    For SkinBox in Rust
    The Slice Factor
    Version: 1.13.7
    Not a bad plugin if the skin downloads were not so incredibly SLOOOOOOOW. Sometimes the plugin kills all my skin loading entirely and I have to restart the game for it to fix itself.
    However when the plugin does work it's great.
  7. X_EliM_X
    Version: 2.6.9
    Excellent Plugin - makes the lives of my players easy! A must for all servers. Brilliant Fuji!
  8. EZ-TIMM
    Version: 0.1.1
    hahaha nice
  9. EZ-TIMM
    Version: 3.0.1
    Nice plugin but very difficult to control turns too often hope for an update
  10. EZ-TIMM
    For RustNET in Rust
    Version: 0.1.23
    Would be nice if you can do something only a notebock put there brings nothing if I have to buy other plugins but otherwise nice
  11. Sly Stone
    For SkinBox in Rust
    Sly Stone
    Version: 1.13.7
    I used the free version for awhile and its good, but i bought this, loaded my steam rust workshop collection into it and ALLLLLLLL of those skins instantly on the server. Excellent Plugin for Rust. Thanks for this
  12. Sly Stone
    Sly Stone
    Version: 1.3.1_1
    A absolutely nec plugin to have for ANY Rust community, players love it. No more surprise offline raids. Thank You for making this.
  13. Sly Stone
    Sly Stone
    Version: 0.1.15
    Works as it should, was very simple to customize loadouts. There is nothing else even close to this. AMAZING
  14. Sly Stone
    Sly Stone
    Version: 0.1.25
    Simply Flawless Execution of another Excellent addition to Rust Servers
  15. Sly Stone
    Sly Stone
    Version: 0.2.12
    Everything about this mod and the Author is Amazing. Thank You for this.
  16. Vliek
    Version: 0.1.6
    Please fix your plugin
    Users do not get saved and every time I reload the plugin users have to verify again and are able to claim their kit again
  17. Scar3cr0w
    For Hacker in Rust
    Version: 1.0.3
    Love this mod! I've personally never been a fan of the timed run/puzzle aspect of the color keyed rooms, so having a (really well done!) ui to "hack" my way into these areas is amazing!
  18. Drunken Cheetah
    Drunken Cheetah
    Version: v1.2.3
    Bought it, tested it - Duplication after 3 minutes in a productive server with ~150 peoples. THANK YOU!
    1. PsychoTea
      Author's Response
      This is very strange, I have many satisfied customers using the plugin with no issues. Would you be able to make a post on the support thread so I can help you debug some of these issues? I believe there may be a conflict between another plugin causing this issue.