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AimTrain 1.1.1

A mode players can join to test/practice their aim against bots

  1. AimTrain

    AimTrain brings you the assistance in firearm combat training by offering a mode to any server (event server or not) by just typing one command to be teleported to a configured location to shoot bots for practice in gun fire(bots are not shooting back). In order for players to join the AimTrain their inventory must be empty and will not be able to teleport unless done so. Once they are done they will be teleported back to their previous locations where they were before the training.
    Players inside the Arena cant see each other while AimTraing, if you are using the Plugin on a other server than a Event server i recommend securing the Area with ZoneManager to make sure people cant leave the Arena with their kit.
    Here a short Video of the Bots running around. (Bots are currently running through structures etc)

    Player Commands
    /at - To join AimTrain (If only one Arena is set up)
    /at <arena name>- To join AimTrain (If multiple Arenas are set up)

    Admin Commands
    /aimtrain - Gives you Infos about all the options below.
    /aimtrain add <arena name>
    /aimtrain delete <name>
    /aimtrain list
    /aimtrain info <name>

    For the following commands you need to be editing a Arena, use /at_edit <name> to start editing a Arena.
    /aimtrain sbot - To set a Bot spawn at current location.
    /aimtrain splayer - To set a Player spawn at current location.
    /aimtrain botkit <name> - Add a kit for the Bots.
    /aimtrain playerkit <name> - Add a kit for the players.
    /aimtrain movement - Toggle Bot movement in the Arena on/off.
    /aimtrain enable - Toggle the Arena on/off.
    /aimtrain botcount <amount> - Change the active Bot amount.

    aimtrain.join - Required to join AimTrain.
    aimtrain.admin - Required to use /aimtrain commands.

    "Use permissons for Arena" - If this is true people need permissions to join Arenas, if your Arena is called Mountain, the players needs the permission aimtrain.Mountain.
    "Needs empty inventory to join" - If this is false people can join without clearing their inventory, however the items will be lost.
    "Enable UI" - Shows a little UI while AimTraining to leave and turn off/on unlimited Ammo.
    "Use NoEscape Raid/Combatblock" - If this is set to true players cant join while they are Raid / Combatblocked (https://oxidemod.org/plugins/noescape.1394/)
    "Bot Names" - You can give Bots different names, every time a bot spawns it will pick a random name from the list.
    Code (Text):

      "Enable AimTrain": true,
      "Use permissons for Arena": false,
      "Needs empty inventory to join": true,
      "Enable UI": true,
      "Use NoEscape Raid/Combatblock": false,
      "Bot Names": [
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