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Deekay 0.2.25

Accurately decay entities outside of cupboard radius with custom settings for each type

  1. Corvezeo
    Version: 0.2.24
    The current state of this plugin isn't terrible to say the least. But the support is practically none existent and the bugs that have been reported have been ignored with little to no response. If you are thinking of purchasing this plugin for a proper decay system that works with the upkeep system then I would highly recommend waiting on this plugin to update with the current bugs that have been reported to be fixed. As you will have several issues from bases not decaying at all when they clearly should all the way to individual deployables such as wooden signs and ladders decaying while in protected TC range.

    Just understand what you are buying before you click that purchase button. THIS SYSTEM NEEDS WORK!
  2. WeaselSauce
    Version: 0.2.24
    The best decay plugin around. The most recent update that allows you to let objects inside of TC range be managed by standard Rust decay / upkeep policy unlocks a lot of new possibilities.
  3. San
    Version: 0.2.20
    Every nice plugin thank you.
  4. GLasiore
    Version: 0.1.97
    This plugin awesome! I bought it 2 months ago but I just figured out how to use it :D "_DetectionRange" 2.0 , some setting, editing and gg <3