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SQLStats 1.0.2

Logs various statistics about ingame stuff to MySQL database.

  1. Capone
    Version: 1.0.2
  2. raidgrounds
    Version: 1.0.2
  3. uregginz
    Version: 1.0.2
    Absolutely amazing plugin! This plugin will take sometime to setup depending on your skills but it is defiantly worth it and is a must for a PVP server. It is great for finding hackers and players love being able to check their stats!

    Here is another example of what can be done with this plugin.
  4. rusteaze
    Version: 1.0.1
    This plugin definitely takes some time to get to work. More than worth it however. If you have knowledge of datatables, mysql and php you'll be able to get there. I've been able to weed out hackers just by looking at the info as well! Players are reassured and like being able to look at the stats.
  5. Ryan
    Version: 1.0.0
    Great plugin, perfect for creating an external web page containing player statistics.

    Also extremely useful for admins to checkup on player hit, kill and damage history. Opens up the doors to many developments to improve a lot of backend features.

    A page I have made with this plugin: https://rustoria.co/leaderboards