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CompoundTeleport 1.0.9

Allow players to easily get to the Outpost

  1. CompoundTeleport

    This plugin utilises the compound / outpost to create an extra spawn location for players. This plugin allows players to have an easier interactions with players and also, give them something to do instead of rage-quitting from the server after getting raided.

    Main Features:
    • Extra respawn button on the death screen to respawn at the compound
    • Option to force all random respawns to the compound
    • Automatic position grabbing (No more having to manually set the position every wipe!)
    • Respawn blocking if the player is marked as hostile inside the zone
    • Option to manually teleport to the compound from anywhere on the map
    • NoEscape support
    • Complete UI customisation
    • Open more options for further customisation of the compound
    download (1).png

    download (2).png


    • compoundteleport.tp - Players with this permission will be able to manually teleport to the outpost from anywhere on the map
    • compoundteleport.respawn - Players with this permission will be able to respawn at the compound
    • compoundteleport.admin - Players with this permission won't get receive any checks when teleporting or respawning (NoEscape checks, hostility checks, etc)
    Chat Commands:
    • /outpost - Initiate a teleport to the outpost
    • /outpostc - Cancel a teleport to the outpost
    Default Configuration:
    Code (Text):
      "NoEscape Settings": {
        "Use Combat Block": false,
        "Use Raid Block": false
      "Respawn Button Settings": {
        "Button Main Text": "Respawn at Outpost",
        "Button Sub Text": "This will respawn you at the Outpost",
        "Image Colour": "0.61 0.62 0.53 1.00",",
        "Image Max Anchor": "0.2 0.95",
        "Image Min Anchor": "0.02 0.05",
        "Panel Colour": "0.32 0.39 0.19 1.00",
        "Panel Max Anchor": "0.71 0.142",
        "Panel Min Anchor": "0.45 0.044",
        "Unable To Respawn Button Colour": "0.29 0.29 0.29 1.00",
        "Unable To Respawn Main Text": "Cannot respawn at the Outpost",
        "Unable To Respawn Reason (Hostile)": "You are hostile and cannot spawn at the Outpost"
      "Respawn Settings": {
        "Cannot Respawn to Outpost if Hostile": true,
        "Force All Respawns To Outposts": false,
        "Respawn With No Items": false,
        "Use Outpost Respawn Button": true
      "Teleport Settings": {
        "Cannot Teleport to Outpost if Hostile": true,
        "Teleport Cooldown": 300.0,
        "Teleport Wait": 10.0

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Recent Reviews

  1. Samshoun
    Version: 1.0.9
    Similarly to the majority of devs on her (Excluding Fuji and k1llyou), the dev apparently has ghosted the website, maybe they've disabled notifications. Regardless, plugin isn't supported.
  2. Old School
    Old School
    Version: 1.0.8
  3. Lone
    Version: 1.0.5
    10/10 super cool addition for modded servers. Very clean and looks like it’s meant to be in the game.
  4. Ryan
    Version: 1.0.1
    Great plugin opening the doors for an innovative server.

    Developer is really engaging and willing to fix issues reported to him ASAP.
  5. maxaki
    Version: 1.0.0
    Taking advantages of Outpost with this plugin is great for players. Server becomes more social and personal. Players love it, it's easier for them to recruit members and just get to know each other even if it's the enemy.