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PilotEject 2.0.7

Add a special event to the helicopter

  1. PilotEject

    Optional Dependencies:
    This plugin creates a semi-dynamic event revolving around the helicopter. This event adds:
    • A random chance of the helicopter "malfunctioning", which causes the helicopter to spin out of control to the ground (settings to control this included in the configuration file)
    • Upon this events occurrence, the pilot will eject from the helicopter and float down to the ground with a parachute, he will then proceed to patrol the area, shooting at players and everything a normal scientist NPC would do



    • /setpilot <add/remove/set> <name> - Executing this command will add / remove / set a pilot. Using add will create a new pilot with the name you enter and set the pilots inventory as your current inventory. Using set will set an existing pilots inventory to your current inventory.
    • /callbrokenheli - calls a helicopter to the map with a 100% chance of malfunctioning (chat and console command)
    • piloteject.admin - players with this permission will be able to use the commands listed above
    Configuration File:
    Code (Text):
      "Arrow Settings": {
        "Arrow Above Pilot": true,
        "Arrow Height": 200.0,
        "Arrow Length (seconds)": 120.0
      "Settings": {
        "Chance Of Occuring": 0.2,
        "Inbound Message": true,
        "Max Time Until Next Event": 3600.0,
        "Max Time Until Pilot Eject": 600.0,
        "Min Spawn Height Enabled": false,
        "Min Time Until Next Event": 1800.0,
        "Min Time Until Pilot Eject": 300.0,
        "Pilot Death Message Enabled": true,
        "Pilot Life Length": 600.0,
        "Pilot Minimum Spawn Height": 20.0,
        "Random Event Enabled": true,
        "Timed Helicopter Enabled": true
    Extra Notes:
    • Be sure to check the data file after setting the pilots inventory! there is an extra option for having an item spawn chance
    • If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact me on oxide or via steam @ http://steamcommunity.com/id/redbdgr_

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    1. redBDGR
      Author's Response
      I think you are misunderstanding that this is not a "business" and is purely my hobby. I am currently on christmas holidays and would like to enjoy the time with my family & friends while i have it.
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