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Grenade Launcher 0.1.28

Fire grenades from a shotgun

  1. Grenade Launcher

    - Grenade launchers are determined by a custom skin and weapon icon
    - Grenade launchers will not reload with normal ammo
    - Grenade launchers require that the user has grenades in their inventory
    - Grenade launchers will not shoot while the reload animation is playing

    Chat Command
    /grenade - Gives the player a grenade launcher

    Console Command
    grenade <playerID or name> - Gives the specified player a grenade launcher (useful for selling in stores)

    grenadelauncher.spawn - Required to use the chat command
    grenadelauncher.noammo - Removes the requirement of grenades in the users inventory

    Config Options
    "Grenade Options" - "Grenades explode on impact" : Setting this to true means grenades will explode on impact. Setting this to false means the grenades will act as if you threw one
    "Grenade Options" - "Interval between grenades fired" : The rate at which a user can fire grenades (in seconds)
    "Grenade Options" - "Grenade velocity" : The velocity at which the grenades are fired
    "Grenade Options" - "Grenades stick on collision" : Setting this to true will make the grenades stick to the first thing they hit. This setting is irrelevant if you have explode on impact set to true
    "Weapon and Projectile Options" : This section contains options to change the required weapon, the skin that determines it is a grenade launcher, and the projectile that is fired
    Code (C#):

      "Grenade Options": {
        "Time before explosive is armed": 0.2,
        "Grenades explode on impact": false,
        "Grenades stick on collision": true,
        "Interval between grenades fired": 1.0,
        "Grenade velocity": 20.0,
        "Grenade damage multiplier": 1.0
      "Weapon and Projectile Options": {
        "Weapon item ID": -1009492144,
        "Weapon skin ID": 1252885494,
        "Projectile item ID": -1308622549,
        "Projectile item prefab path": "assets/prefabs/weapons/f1 grenade/grenade.f1.deployed.prefab"
      "UI Options": {
        "Allow players to view the crosshair UI": true,
        "Launcher crosshair image URL": "http://www.chaoscode.io/oxide/Images/glcrosshair.png"
      "Version": {
        "Major": 0,
        "Minor": 1,
        "Patch": 2

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Recent Reviews

  1. Savage
    Version: 0.1.28
    Extraordinarily fun, easy to config. Tyvm.
  2. thesack
    Version: 0.1.28
    cool mod to have sum fun with the buddy's
  3. thepiercedweirdo
    Version: 0.1.2
    Excellent plugin. Loads of fun, and very accurate with a little practice. Now the F1 finally has a use.
  4. TheConnor110
    Version: 0.1.1
    Once again, awesome work by k1lly0u. Fast to update problems and just overall great additions to add to your server. Would recommend, very well done plugin.
  5. Lone
    Version: 0.1.0
    Added to my server today Players love it!
  6. M!NT
    Version: 0.1.0
    Absolutely awesome. Works as it should.