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Remote Turrets 0.2.21

Create remote controlled auto turrets

  1. Remote Turrets

    Allow players to set turrets to be remotely controlled by the player via a RustNET terminal

    Once a remote turret has been set up a player can then access that controller via the RustNET terminal it is registered to.
    If the terminal or the turret are destroyed when a player is using it their remote access will stop
    Players need to be the owner, or a friend/clan mate of the turret when they try to register as a remote turret.

    remoteturrets.set - Required to be able to create turrets

    /rt - Shows help menu
    /rt add <terminal ID> - Set the turret you are looking at as a remote turret registered to the specified terminal
    /rt name <name> - Set a name for the turret you are looking at which will be displayed in the RustNET console and UI overlay when controlling the turret
    /rt remove - Remove the controller from the turret/sign you are looking at

    Code (C#):

      "Remote Settings": {
        "Allow players to cycle through all linked turrets": true,
        "Can players toggle turret automation": true,
        "Can players control the turret remotely": true,
        "Can players access the turret inventory": true,
        "Display camera overlay UI": true,
        "Camera overlay image URL": "turretoverlay.png",
        "Turret icon URL for RustNET menu": "turreticon.png"
      "Options": {
        "Maximum distance a turret controller can be set away from the terminal": 50.0,
        "Turret options per permission": {
          "remoteturrets.set": {
            "Turret Settings": {
              "Fire Rate - Time between shots in seconds": 0.115,
              "Aim Cone (Accuracy)": 4.0
            "Maximum turrets allowed per base": 4
          "remoteturrets.pro": {
            "Turret Settings": {
              "Fire Rate - Time between shots in seconds": 0.115,
              "Aim Cone (Accuracy)": 4.0
            "Maximum turrets allowed per base": 10
      "Version": {
        "Major": 0,
        "Minor": 2,
        "Patch": 20
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Recent Reviews

  1. Veselin Bogdanov
    Veselin Bogdanov
    Version: 0.2.21
    Good version and integration with RustNET. Also fast and nice support from developer who fixes bugs as soon as he can.
  2. htclemo
    Version: 0.2.18
    very nice plugin .. easy to use and my players love it
  3. Bradford Yingling
    Bradford Yingling
    Version: 0.2.12
    Amazing plugin, keep up the updates and good work.
  4. Veselin Bogdanov
    Veselin Bogdanov
    Version: 0.2.01
    Now with the new RustNET system, this remote turret plugin is the best one made ever! Simple to setup and perfect for defence!
  5. Virgil
    Version: 0.2.0
    Becouse RustNET came out i had to have this mod aswell a very good job K1lly0u!
  6. Korean Government Spy 2.0
    Korean Government Spy 2.0
    Version: 0.1.3
    Should add the laser feature :0
  7. SheepRW
    Version: 0.1.3
    Nice config and works well. But after you exit you still are in thirdperson.
    1. k1lly0u
      Author's Response
      You can't switch back to the correct first person view because it is handled client side. This only affects admin and does not affect players as the client side code reverts them to the correct view automatically