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Skyfall 1.0.11

Allows players to use skyfall pack to jump out of cargo plane and parachute down.

  1. Skyfall

    Colon Blow
    UPDATE 1.0.11 - Options to Prevent player freefall (Automatically opens chutes)


    Players can buy or get Skyfall pack from RP store/ kits to use. All they have to do it equip the Pack on there back to be teleported to the Skyfall Plane, which randomly will fly a pattern over the game map. Once players are on Plane, they can Jump out to freefall back to ground. Players will have to open there parachute by pressing the 'RELOAD' key while free falling.

    CLAN DROP option is coming soon !!!
    No admin right required !!! Anyone can do it !!

    Players are IMMUNE to damage once they get into the Skyfall plane or respawn in the air with a parachute. Players can then jump out of plane and press there "RELOAD" key to open there chute. Players can decide to jump out of parachute and freefall, and can reopen there chute as long as they are not TOO close to the ground. Once player lands, there parachute will remove and they will receive normal damages again just before they land.

    Using the respawn Button for Skyfall will Parachute player from random location or behind Skyfall plane. Having a respawning player actually sit in the chair correctly didn't seem to work well with any inherent latency. So I opted for just respawn and parachute for now.

    Available - Copy.png
    Chaos Drop : When authorized user activates this mode with console command chaoscode. It will begin a countdown (configurable time). it will announce at the countdown start, 3/4 time, half time and 1/4 time left. Once it reaches Zero. Server will deploy ALL players on server to random Locations in the sky around the map with a parachute attached.
    This can be used by many other plugins to do random events and whatnot. I do plan on adding more features to this Chaos drop.

    Permissions : (not needed to use packs or respawn button)
    ANYONE can use packs bought/found/traded And they can use the Skyfall Respawn button as long as they are not under cooldown (if enabled)
    skyfall.use - allows authorized user to just spawn in jump plane and use other special commands. More of a admin command to give yourself chutes or instantly go to skyfall plane.
    NEW !! skyfall.localrespawn - allows authorized player to do a local Skyfall Respawn. Which they will respawn in the sky within a short distance from there corpse.
    NOTE: if you want all players to bypass just enable the global config option. No perms needed.

    skyfall.admin - allows authorized user to use admin commands. currently the chaos drop.

    Chat Commands:
    /skyfall - allows authorized player to access Skyfall Plane and jump
    /skyfall.open - manual way to open parachute a after jumping. or use your ingame 'RELOAD' key.

    Console Commands:
    givechute - Authorized players can give themselves Skyfall Packs to use.
    * can also be used to setup RP store or GUI shop to sell Skyfall packs for players to use.
    chaosdrop - Can be used to start the chaos drop feature

    Default Configuration:
    Code (Text):
      "Chaos Drop - Countdown time from this, (will annouce start, 75%, 50% and 25% time left) ": 10.0,
      "Cooldown - After using a Skyfall pack, time player must wait to use another : ": 600.0,
      "Cooldown - Use Skyfall pack cooldown ? ": true,
      "Flightdeck - Altitude at which Skyfall Plane flys at : ": 1000.0,
      "Global - Map size Offset when finding global drop position (higher number means closer to center of map, less chance over water) ": 500.0,
      "Logo - Skin ID for Back wall Skyfall plane : ": 1320948157,
      "Parachute - Downward speed when using parachute : ": 15.0,
      "Parachute - Forward speed when using parachute and forward button : ": 15.0,
      "Parachute : Allow players to open there own Parachutes and allow freefalling (if false, chutes auto open and players cannot remove them till they land)? ": false,
      "Plane - Enable force dismount of players after a certain time ? ": true,
      "Plane - Players will be force dismounted after this many seconds while seated in Skyfall plane (if enabled) ": 60.0,
      "Plane - Skyfall plane will despawn if no players are on board after this long : ": 100.0,
      "Respawn - Enable Button on respawn screen.(Will do random TP in air with Chute attached) ? ": true,
      "Respawn - Local Skyfall Respawn - Enable Skyfall respawn to only drop you within a local radius of corpse ?": false,
      "Respawn - Local Skyfall Respawn - Max Distance from corpse ": 300.0,
      "Respawn - Use Random Respawn location when pressing Skyfall respawn button ? ": true
    Default Language File:
    Code (Text):
      "noperms": "You don't have permission to use this command.",
      "undercooldown": "You must wait, you are under a cooldown",
      "openchute": "Press your 'RELOAD' Key to open your chute when your ready !!!!",
      "notjumping": "You are not able to use that right now.",
      "skyfallfull": "Skyfall is FULL, please wait and try again.",
      "readytojump": "You are ready to jump at any time.",
      "nomorecooldown": "Your Skyfall cooldown as been removed."
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  1. Hanumann
    Version: 1.0.11
    what! a! fun!! easy to configure and everyone loves it. you have to take care with the local respawn option - abuse incoming;) by the way it also enriches the shop.
    I'm looking forward to the clan option
  2. Rev
    Version: 1.0.3
    Having fun with this one. Even made targets and held a server event, closest to one of the landing zones wins,
  3. Soundofsilence
    Version: 1.0.2
    Very good plugin with great potential! My players on the server absolutely love it
  4. Killer-Hamster
    Version: 1.0.1
    Very very cool plugin, the players on my Server love this plugin, great job!