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Rafts for Rust 1.0.26

Add driveable Watercraft to your Game.. New Bonus Viking Boat !!!

  1. Rafts for Rust

    Colon Blow
    Rafts for Rust !!!! Yes, you can sail around the map in style.
    Download is now in .ZIP format and has to be extracted before using.
    And is bundled with these plugins below:
    New !! - Current Raft Version 1.0.26

    Players can now Walk on the deck while moving !!!!!
    Current Viking Boat Version 1.0.8
    Remember: Player will have to manually toggle there culling off if they have issues with invisible parts at times by going to F1 console and type culling.env 0

    ** New Add-On for Rafts for Rust.....The VIKING BOAT !!!!!


    Free Viking Boat add on plugin will be bundled with Rafts for Rust in .rar file, you will need to extract them to place them in your plugin folder.
    Viking boat overview : it basically builds and works like the Raft, there are no current upgrades. It costs 10k wood by default. Base Speed is calculated by how many players are seated while moving. So 1 pilot only will be about 5 speed, fully loaded will be about 11 speed. The race is on !!
    Oars do move when boat moves !!

    Fully upgradeable raft with a Sail mode to leisurely cruise around the map or up and down rivers as well.
    Create unique server content for your sever or just have fun. Now places are
    reachable by any player with a boat. From full floating cities to water combat, I'm sure
    this raft can help start the fun !!!!

    Add Sails, Walls, Roof, Netting, Passenger Chairs and Campfire to your raft as upgrades. Each upgrade cost materials. Which amounts can be changed in config file. All signs on raft are paintable and compatible with Sign Artist, so show off our artistic skills while cruising the high seas.

    I recommend a compass GUI for easier location finding. On smaller maps, there is a lot of water to roam around and getting lost is easy.. lol I do have a build in command /raft.loc

    Random Deep Ocean Loot spawns occur when player is sailing past map cords 2000 X or 2000 Z (pos or neg).

    Note 1: Rafts themselves do not take damage.
    Note 2: Permissions are needed to Pilot and/or sit as passenger of any raft.
    Note 3: Due to rust limits. movement past the 4000 X or 4000 Z locations are prevented while piloting the raft.
    Note 4: Seated players move with raft, standing ones will fall off.. .lol FYI
    Update !! Note 4 variant : If walking on deck is turned on. players can walk around while moving.

    Note 5 : Raft and Viking boat now has a lock. Boat will NOT move if its locked. Codes set by players will be saved on sever reboot or plugin reload.

    Please Watch video for walkthrough and usage of raft and upgrading it (sorry for slight humming).

    raft.builder - assign this to allow players to build and use rafts.
    For Viking Boat -
    vikingboat.builder - assign this to allow players to build and use Viking boats.

    Chat Commands:
    /raft - will display help text for player with all commands listed.
    /raft.build - players with permission and materials can spawn a raft while standing in knee deep water.
    /raft.addroof - players with permission and materials (5000 wood) can upgrade there raft with a roof. only usable while sitting in pilots chair.
    /raft.addwalls- players with permission and materials (2000 wood) can upgrade there raft with walls. only usable while sitting in pilots chair.
    /raft.addsail - players with permission and materials (3000 wood) can upgrade there raft with a sail. only usable while sitting in pilots chair.
    /raft.addnet- players with permission and materials (3 rope) can upgrade there raft with a net to the roof. only usable while sitting in pilots chair.
    /raft.addfire - players with permission and materials (100 wood) can upgrade there raft with a campfire and lantern. only usable while sitting in pilots chair.
    /raft.addchairs - players with permission and materials (2 chairs) can upgrade there raft with 2 passenger chairs. only usable while sitting in pilots chair.
    /raft.destroy - Only builder player can use this to destroy there raft wherever it is in the world. Player does not need to be seated in chair. Does not give back materials. will improve this later.
    /raft.loc - used to show your current location in X and Z format.
    /raft.stash - will toggle stash hidden from others or not. (NOTE !!! if you can open stash, it is not hidden)
    /raft.setsail - Enabled Sailing Mode, raft will move forward automatically for you. Must be seated in chair to enable.

    /vikingboat.build - this will build a Viking boat if player is standing in knee deep ish water and has the proper materials.

    Console Commands
    raft.bulid - console command to build raft, same as chat, just easier to bind a key to.
    raft.loc - same as chat command, gives player there current X and Z location.
    raft.setsail - same as chat command, but easier to bind key.

    Default Configuration:
    Code (Text):
      "Effect - Show water splash effect when moving ? ": false,
      "Loot - Loot Option 1 prefab : ": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_basic.prefab",
      "Loot - Loot Option 2 prefab : ": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_elite.prefab",
      "Loot - Loot Option 3 prefab : ": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_mine.prefab",
      "Loot - Loot Option 4 prefab : ": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_normal.prefab",
      "Loot - Loot Option 5 prefab : ": "assets/bundled/prefabs/radtown/crate_normal_2.prefab",
      "Loot - Percent Chance Random Deep Ocean Loot will spawn (if enabled) : ": 50,
      "Loot - Tick rate to check if Random Ocean Loot will spawn : ": 100,
      "Loot - Toggle Random Deep Ocean Loot Spawns (Past 2000 X or Z coords): ": true,
      "Materials - Campfire - Amount of Wood needed to build : ": 100,
      "Materials - Chairs - Amount of Chairs needed to build : ": 2,
      "Materials - Net- Amount of Rope needed to build : ": 3,
      "Materials - Raft- Amount of Wood needed to build : ": 5000,
      "Materials - Roof - Amount of Wood needed to build : ": 2000,
      "Materials - Sail - Amount of Wood needed to build : ": 3000,
      "Materials - Walls - Amount of Wood needed to build : ": 2000,
      "Scrap Refund - Amount of wood to refund player when using /raft.destroy : ": 5000,
      "Spawn - Always Spawn fully built rafts ? ": false,
      "Speed - Default Raft Movement Speed : ": 4.0,
      "Speed - Default Sail Mode Movement Speed : ": 4.0,
      "Stash - Disable Stash on Rafts ? ": false,
      "Usage - Only 1 Active Raft per player ? ": true,
      "Walking - Allow players to walk on deck while boat is moving ? ": true
    Explanation of Configuration Settings: (some of them at least)
    Usage - Only 1 Active Raft per player : Setting this to true, will only let players make 1 raft at a time. Once current raft is destroyed by /raft.destroy or by server restart/ reload. they can make another.
    Spawn - Always Spawn fully built rafts : With this set. all rafts when spawned are fully upgraded already.
    Speed - Sail Mode - Use servers weather.wind setting when possible : If the server setting for weather.wind is higher than default Sail mode speed, it will match the wind speed. Possibly addition of Wind Zones may help to create sailing "speed" zones around the map.

    Default Language File:

    Code (Text):
      "notauthorized": "You are not authorized to use that command !!",
      "notowner": "You must be owner of boat to pilot it !!!",
      "hasraftalready": "You already have a raft in the world !!!",
      "captain": "You are now the Captain of this boat !!!",
      "setsail": "Your sails are unfurled, now your sailing !!!",
      "alreadyadded": "That part is already installed !!!",
      "missingmaterials": "You are missing the required materials to uprade to that !! ",
      "nonet": "You need a roof installed before you can add a Net !!! ",
      "endofworld": "Movement blocked !!! You are at the end of the playable world !!!",
      "notstandingwater": "You must be in deeper water but NOT swimming to build a raft !!"
    Work in Progress:
    * Health System to allow damaging of raft entity in a effective way.
    * Inactivity Decay or Destruction timer of sorts.
    - Adding water Sound effects while sailing :)
    - Fishing poles or some way to fish while out in the water. Possible treasure chests being pulled up?
    - more upgrades, will wait for feedback to see what players want/like to have.

Recent Updates

  1. 1.0.26
  2. 1.0.25
  3. 1.0.24

Recent Reviews

  1. tingelbobtangel
    Version: 1.0.26
    Great Plugin !!!!
  2. itsolidude
    Version: 1.0.21
    Great Plugin, with the update for april , there will be actual boats. can you use the dynamics of it for the rafts?
    1. Colon Blow
      Author's Response
      Yes, I will be trying to utilize anything from the new boats that can make my plugins super awesome betterness !!!!
  3. Disconnect
    Version: 1.0.21
    Ive had this on my server for a couple of weeks now, and people legit love it. The vikingships arent used as much, but the rafts are literally everywhere. Colon is great for support, and seems to be constantly adding features and fixes as required.
  4. VoxR
    Version: 1.0.20
    Amazing concept, great work here
    GangRust.com servers use this now !
  5. godankorgohome
    Version: 1.0.17
    Both Rafts and Viking Boats are highly recommended to open up new, fun aspects for any server. Colon has always been a great plugin dev and someone really putting out server changing plugins. A+ as always!
  6. DdutchB
    Version: 1.0.16
    my players love it ! thank u :)
  7. godankorgohome
    Version: 1.0.13
    Great plugin from a great plugin dev.
  8. Fred
    Version: 1.0.12
    Simply brilliant
  9. jay.k.creep
    Version: 1.0.7
    Great Addition To My Server Great Work People Love It Look Forward To Its Future Updates And Added Features :)
  10. rustmy
    Version: 1.0.7
    Great plugin