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Giveaways 1.0.7

A Giveaway plugin to allow Admins to setup a raffle Giveaway event on a time interval

  1. Giveaways

    Giveaways allows admins to setup Giveaways that are randomly selected and randomly give to a "winning" player. These players can be online or offline depending on how you configure the plugin to work.
    The frequency of a giveaway as well as the giveaway items can be setup in the config file.
    Giveaways can also be trigger directly by an admin from in the game or through the console. These manually triggered giveaways can give away the item you are literally holding or a created item from definition (read below for more information).


    Giveaways can be physical items, items by definition, Economics, ServerRewards, or Skin Tokens (PlayerSkins). A giveaway entry in the config consists of:
    Code (Text):

          "AmmoAmount": 0, //If a weapon how much ammo it will have.
          "AmmoType": null, //If a weapon what type of ammo it will have (item shortname).
          "Amount": 1, //amount of giveaway item
          "attachments": null, //attachments if a weapon.
          "condition": 0.0, //starting condition
          "DisplayName": null, //item.displayName
          "shortname": "rifle.ak", //item shortname..if you want SR type "sr", if you want ECO type "eco", if you PlayerSkins type "token", if you want to giveaway a KIT type the kitname.
          "skin": 885146172 //item skin ID
    Admins must have Giveaways.admin or auth level 2.

    Physical Item Giveaways (Notes with a written code for example):
    Giveaways are initiated automatically or specifically by an admin. If initiated by an in-game admin the item given away can be a physical item. This requires the admin is holding the item (ActiveItem). So to give away a note with a code written on it (example from the support forum), the admin would get a note, write on it, and then hold it in hand. While holding it they will type /giveaway ... This will automatically remove the note from the admins inventory and randomly give it to a player online just as any other giveaway.

    Chat and Console Commands:

    Chat: /giveaway <item.shortname/ItemID> <amount> <skin [optional]>
    Example: /giveaway bow.hunting 1
    Example with skin: /giveaway rifle.ak 1 885146172

    Console: giveaway item.shortname amount skin<optional>
    Example: giveaway bow.hunting 1
    Example with skin: giveaway rifle.ak 1 885146172

    Physical Items Only:
    Chat: /giveaway
    Example: /giveaway

    Announcement Location:
    The location of the Giveaway can be configured in the config file. Simply adjust the minx, miny, maxx, maxy to where you want it.

    Config File:
    Code (C#):

      "ExcludeAuth_1_2": false, // Enable/Disable having admins get giveaway items.
      "GiveawayInterval_Minutes": 30, // Minutes between auto-giveaways
      "Giveaways": [
    //Giveaway configs. These will be randomly selected during an auto-giveaway
          "AmmoAmount": 0,
          "AmmoType": null,
          "Amount": 1,
          "attachments": null,
          "condition": 0.0,
          "DisplayName": null,
          "shortname": "bow.hunting",
          "skin": 0
          "AmmoAmount": 0,
          "AmmoType": null,
          "Amount": 1,
          "attachments": null,
          "condition": 0.0,
          "DisplayName": null,
          "shortname": "rifle.ak",
          "skin": 885146172
          "AmmoAmount": 0,
          "AmmoType": null,
          "Amount": 100,
          "attachments": null,
          "condition": 0.0,
          "DisplayName": null,
          "shortname": "eco",
          "skin": 0
      "IncludeSleepers": false, //Include or exclude Sleepers in the raffle.
      "InfoInterval": 15, //Frequency of info message. Set to 0 to disable completely.
      "Onscreen_MaxX": 0.85, //Location of Announcement box.
      "Onscreen_MaxY": 0.9, //Location of Announcement box.
      "Onscreen_MinX": 0.15, //Location of Announcement box.
      "Onscreen_MinY": 0.8, //Location of Announcement box.
      "RequiredPlayers": 2 //Number of players online/sleepers (depending on config) required to have a giveaway start.
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