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RocketTurrets 1.3.16

Create rocket shooting turrets

  1. RocketTurrets

    Optional Dependencies:
    http://oxidemod.org/plugins/turretlock.2703/ - This can be used to lock antiair turrets
    This plugin is aimed at adding a new feature to turrets, by adding the ability for players to have turrets that shoot rockets!

    • Aesthetics: When a turret is placed and upgraded to a rocket turret, it is given distinct aesthetic features so it will be easily distinguishable from a normal turret, not to mention look cool ;)
    • Anti Air Turrets: With this plugin, you are able to create rocket turrets that will only shoot at helicopters, making it easier for people to take down helis (full customisation including damage amount done to heli)
    • Javelin Turrets: Upgrade your normal rocket turrets into Javelin turrets. These turrets shoot vertical missiles that will seek (optional) their target from above! (see below for more information)
    • Fully Configurable: A large range of config option are supplied to make sure that you are able to customise this plugin as you wish. Some features include rocket fire rate, lock-on radius, explosion radius and a list of others!
    • Ammo range: The rocket turrets will shoot all kinds of rockets, depending on what is loaded into the turrets inventory
    • Easy usability: I have designed the command system to be as easy and basic as possible, to make sure that players will understand how to use this plugin as they wish.
    • "Anti Rocket Avoidance": During testing i noticed that players could easily dodge the projectiles if they had the speed / skill, so i have implemented an optional feature that will make the rocket explode near the player






    • /turret - Executing this command will show the plugins help centre, which include a list of all other commands
    • /turret rocket - Executing this command while looking at a turret and having the required upgrade materials in your inventory will upgrade the turret to a rocket turret
    • /turret normal - Executing this command while looking at a turret will return a turret back to its normal state
    • /turret antiair - Executing this command while looking at a turret will upgrade it to an Anti Air turret that will only shoot at helicopters
    • /turret javelin - Executing this command while looking at a turret will upgrade it to a javelin turret that will shoot missiles like this ->
    • /turret cost - Executing this command will give the player a list of materials needed to upgrade a turret to a rocket turret
    • rocketturrets.rocket - Players with this permission are able to use the /turret rocket command
    • rocketturrets.antiair - Players with this permission are able to use the /turret antiair command
    • rocketturrets.javelin - Players with this permission are able to use the /turret javelin command
    • rocketturrets.use - Player with this permission are able to use the /turret command (needed for both of the above to work)
    • rocketturrets.unlimited - Players with this permission will be not be affected by the maximum turret cap
    • rocketturrets.unlimitedammo - Players with this permissions' turrets will not require aammo
    • The anti air turrets will appear to be offline & you will not be able to turn them on. This is normal as they will automatically turn on and lock to the target when a helicopter enters their radius
    Default Configuration File:
    Code (Text):
      "AntiAir Settings": {
        "[Cost to Upgrade - AntiAir Tier ]": {
          "cctv.camera": 2,
          "rocket.launcher": 1,
          "targeting.computer": 1
        "Damage to heli": 500.0,
        "Default rocket model skin": 0,
        "Explosion radius": 4.0,
        "Lockon length": 5.0,
        "Lockon radius": 80.0,
        "Lockon sound every x updates": 100,
        "Maximum Allowed Per Player": 5,
        "Min shoot distance": 4.0,
        "Require Build Acces to Loot": true,
        "Requires Ammo": true,
        "Rocket fire rate": 2.0,
        "Rocket speed": 30.0
      "General Settings": {
        "Return upgrade cost on turret downgrade": false,
        "Return upgrade cost on turret pickup": false
      "Javelin Settings": {
        "[ Cost to upgrade - Javelin Tier ]": {
          "rocket.launcher": 1
        "Default rocket model skin": 0,
        "Explosion radius": 4.0,
        "Lockon Length": 5.0,
        "Lockon radius": 80.0,
        "Lockon sound every x updates": 100,
        "Max number allowed per player": 5,
        "Min lockon distance": 10.0,
        "Requires ammo": true,
        "Rocket fire rate": 2.0,
        "Rocket speed": 15.0,
        "Seek target": true
      "Turret Settings": {
        "[ Cost to upgrade - Rocket tier ]": {
          "rocket.launcher": 1
        "Default rocket model skin": 0,
        "Explode at target pos": true,
        "Explosion radius": 4.0,
        "Heatseeking Rockets": false,
        "Lockon length": 5.0,
        "Lockon sound every x updates": 100,
        "Maximum Allowed Per Player": 5,
        "Min shoot distance": 4.0,
        "Requires Ammo": true,
        "Rocket fire rate": 2.0,
        "Rocket lockon radius": 40.0,
        "Rocket speed": 20.0
    Configuration Settings Overview / Help:
    • Cost to upgrade - Rocket tier - This list is a list of the materials needed to upgrade to a rocket turret
    • Default rocket model skin - Set the skin of the rocket launcher when it is spawned on the turret
    • Explode at target pos - Setting this to true will cause the rocket to explode at the targets location at the time when the rocket was launched. Setting this to false will cause the rocket to travel infinitely until it hits an object
    • Explosion radius - Sets the size of the explosion damage radius
    • Lockon length - Sets the amount of seconds before a turret will start shooting at a player
    • Lockon sound every x updates - Sets the space between beeps while the turret is locking onto a player
    • Min shoot distance - Sets the range that the turret will not fire in so the turret will not hurt itself
    • Rocket fire rate - Sets the amount of time between each shot
    • Rocket lockon radius - Sets the radius that a rocket turret can lockon to a player
    • Rocket speed - Sets the speed of the rockets
    Future Features:
    • Grenade Turrets

    Honourable mentions: Massive thanks to k1lly0u and Laserhydra for giving some pointers with the physics and model settting. Also a shoutout to LoneSurvivor for helping with testing and suggesting features

Recent Updates

  1. 1.3.16
  2. 1.3.15
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Recent Reviews

  1. Savage
    Version: 1.3.16
    I love this plugin. Excellent work on the look and intuitive system. Sadly I too cannot clear the player data. Other than that keep up the good work.
  2. XxXxXsilentXxXxX
    Version: 1.3.16
    Cant clear player data after a wipe. everytime i clear it the plugin brings everything back.
  3. Kleementin
    Version: 1.3.15
    Makes me fire a rocket in my pants.
  4. Roger Smith
    Roger Smith
    Version: 1.3.15
    Ridiculously Awesome Plugin! This should really be apart of the
    vanilla game, along with all the other plugin's here at CHAOS_CODE. redBDGR should just work for Facepunch.
  5. FunkyRusty
    Version: 1.3.13
    Great plugin and the dev rocks!
  6. PackRat
    Version: 1.3.13
    Great work as always thank you very much.
  7. jeremy
    Version: 1.3.12
    Love it:D
  8. Mimmo
    Version: 1.3.8
    Perfect addon to Rust. Building and hearing the chopper makes me chuckle now.
  9. Fred
    Version: 1.3.5
    Brilliantly coded.
  10. Tino
    Version: 1.3.5
    its a nice plugin thx for this great work